12 Winter Camping Tips That’ll Keep You Cozy

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Camping isn’t just reserved for the spring and summer.   Wintertime brings solace and solitude… You’ll have the entire campground to yourselves! But before you head out into the snowy wilderness, read up on these winter camping tips and irresistible campfire foods. camping, camping ideas, camping tips

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Winter Camping Tips You Don’t Want to Leave Without

You can’t go camping in the winter without the right equipment. Here’s our list of must-have winter camping gear to keep you warm from head to toe!

Camping in the snow? Read these tips on how to pitch a tent in the snow. It’s important to pack down or clear some snow first. Not only will this make the tent floor more comfortable, but you can create a snow bank to cut out some of the wind, too. camping, camping ideas, camping tips

Set up the perfect outdoor kitchen/dining area. Dig trenches to create a rectangle in the middle, and create “seats” on either side. Pitch a tent over the top, and you’ve got the perfect place to have meals. Just bundle up before you eat, and if you put a stove in there, heavily vent the tent.

Choose a tent that’s appropriate for the weather conditions. If you know you’re expecting a lot of snow, for example, choose a tent with steep walls that will prevent snow accumulation on the roof and at the tent door.

Dig a pit in front of your tent so you can sit down and take your snow-covered shoes off before entering. camping, camping ideas, camping tips

Keep feet extra warm with a pair of sock liners.

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