12 Winter Camping Tips That’ll Keep You Cozy

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Stay extra toasty at night with this cheap trick: Put hot (not boiling) water in a water bottle or old 2-liter bottle. Place it between your feet in your sleeping bag to keep you warm all night long. You should wrap the bottle in a thin blanket if you don’t wear socks when you sleep, though.

If your socks get with with snow, pin them to your backpack or hang them up to let them dry out… but not if temperatures are freezing! If it’s freezing out, put them in your sleeping bag with you at night. It goes without saying, of course, that you should bring along a couple of extra pairs to slip into while your others dry.

Knowing how to make your own portable camp stove from soda cans will certainly come in handy. It never hurts to have a backup in case one stove fails.

Create tinder in a snap by bringing along your handy dandy pencil sharpener. Bring along a few of them so the other happy campers can help.

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