15 Borderline Genius Ideas For Anyone Who Camps With Their Car

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4. Turn a sheet into a privacy curtain by slipping binder clips into the gap between your car’s plastic and upholstery.

Make it ~cuter~ with that pretty tapestry from your college dorm. Get the full tutorial on Instructables.

5. Plop a bar of soap into old pantyhose, tie it to a water jug, and everyone can have clean hands.

Read more about how this setup works at Art Wife Needs a Life.

6. Cover your drinks with dollar-store cupcake liners for bug-free sips in the sunshine.

You could try it with plastic wrap, but these are easier when you want a refill. Get the how-to on Mom4Real.

7. Secure a tarp with bungee cords for a “porch” that will keep out the rain without having to close your car doors (so you can still ~smell the rain~).

You’d have to eventually turn on the car to keep it from getting too warm or cold if you closed the car up. Read more on Minivan Camper.

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