8 Coding Challenges and Competitions That May Lead to Money or Jobs

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As a programmer which one of the choices would you prefer? Mailing endless resumes while waiting for that one call, or participating in a live coding challenge to test your skill sets?

That’s where competitive programming through contests and challenges can open more doors. The good news is that top tier companies have become enthusiasts. So start tracking these coding challenges for money or jobs and grab that career breakthrough today.

1. HackerRank

Leading Companies Hiring: Adobe, Booking.com, Dell, LinkedIn, RedHat, Uber

HackerRank boasts of 5 million developers who have sweated over 21 million code challenges so far. The platform assesses skills with a steady stream of contests on algorithms, machine learning, or artificial intelligence.

HackerRank has four core areas: Practice, Compete, Job, and Leaderboard.

Solve the code challenges in the Compete section and apply for jobs via HackerRank.

Just want to have fun? HackerRank also runs regular hackathons with cash prizes along with sponsored competitions from major technology companies.

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2. TopCoder

Leading Companies Hiring: IBM, Google, eBay, SoftBank, Nvidia
TopCoder is one of the world’s leading crowdsourcing platforms for anything related to visual design, code development, and data science projects. The TopCoder community takes on challenges from some of the world’s leading brands. The site holds online and local coding contests across multiple cities.

Head to the competitive programming homepage and prepare for your match. Different contests can have different prizes. And there’s a good chance that clients who select winners will pick them up for jobs too.

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