8 Coding Challenges and Competitions That May Lead to Money or Jobs

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3. HackerEarth

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Leading Companies Hiring: ThoughtWorks, Amazon, Accenture, Walmart Labs, IBM, Intuit.

In 2018, HackerEarth hosted the first International Women’s Hackathon to grand success. This was a women-only event meant to close the gender gap in the computer sciences. The women developers designed apps and tools around four themes—women’s health and safety, economic freedom, social impact, innovation.

If the same event is held this year, then expect the registration to open soon. Last year, the top prize winning team walked away with $2500 and industry recognition. Keep an eye on the link below for this hackathon for women, and other contests through the year too. computuer science computuer science computuer science computuer science computuer science

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4. Skillenza

Leading Companies Hiring: Amazon, Bosch, ThoughtWorks, Societe Generale.

Skillenza is another competitive programming and hiring platform that has come out of India. Here you can part of a specific community while pitting your skills against the best. Companies can form their own page and tap into these communities to run their coding challenges.

As a coder, you can highlight your achievements in the contests and attract the right company for a job.

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