Alexander Shunnarah Net Worth and Income
Alexander Shunnarah Net Worth and Income

Alexander Shunnarah Net Worth and Where It Comes from

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Alexander Shunnarah Net Worth and Income
Alexander Shunnarah Net Worth

Well, lawyer is prestigious profession because it handles many cases from small to big ones. One of the top well-known lawyers is Alexander Shunnarah. Who is he and how much is Alexander Shunnarah net worth?

Well, he was born in 1968 with the full name of Omar Alexander Shunnarah. He has attorney group specifically for personal injury that operates in Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi. The company names are Injury Attorney PC and Gulf Coast LLP. Her father was retailer who gave him the lesson about salesmanship, especially for flea market and peddling in rural territory. Moreover, Alexander spent life in Birmingham’s Southside and joined John Carroll Catholic High School.

As lawyer and attorney, he worked in several law companies. Mostly, he went to Waston, Corry, Crowder & degrees with approximately five years. From those working experience, he gained expertise and decided to build his firm. Solo practice was his choice at the beginning during the first period of his firm.

He handled tort cases and personal injury. Both are the areas that become his proficiency for the next practice session. Moreover, he also uses several media to promote the firm and practice as lawyer. His advertising at television and YouTube gives the good feedback as well to expand his company extensively.

The Sources of Alexander Shunnarah Net Worth

His employees are approximately 50 lawyers in 2015 alongside 100 support staffs. His firm also has sixteen offices with two departments that handle new clients from calling. Based on valid data, most of cases go into settlement, which means no court. It may be ninety five percent from the entire cases. This record is very impressive as solid proof for his firm’s capability and proficiency at personal injury field.

In 2014, his firm took court action for nine cases then went into juries. The result was three verdicts for plaintiffs. From his practice and firms, Alexander Shunnarah Net Worth is estimated $150 million. He uses what his father taught about salesman then applies it into law firm business.

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