Amelia Earhart Net Worth
Amelia Earhart Net Worth

How Much is Amelia Earhart Net Worth and Income as a Pilot

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Amelia Earhart Net Worth
Amelia Earhart Net Worth : $ 10 million

Female pilot was rare thing and very uncommon few decades ago. One of iconic figures as female pilot was Amelia Earhart. She accomplished as the first aviator that crossed Atlantic Ocean. Her career and inheritance were primary source of Amelia Earhart net worth.

She also wrote some books about aviation, founder of female pilot organization, faculty member for aeronautical engineering, and member of national Woman’s Party.

Amelia Earhart was born in July 2, 1897. Her father was Samuel Earhart and her mother was Amelia Otis. From early age, she lived in Atchison, Kansas as the home of her grandfather. He was presidents of the Atchison Savings Bank. She had the same name with her mother, but her full name was Amelia Mary Earhart.

The timeline of her life started in 1916 when she enrolled high school named Hyde Park High School. Then, she pursued medical studies in Columbia University, though not graduated because she quitted after one semester. With her father, she experienced some aviation activities that could be her career in the future.

More about Amelia Earhart Net Worth

The first flying lesson was in 1921 and she had first aircraft called The Canary. Her instructor was Netta Snook who was pioneer on female pilots. She also issued pilot’s license in 1923 from Federation Aeronautique International.

In 1932, she flew solo over Atlantic Ocean and established her name as the first woman to do that in history. After that, she tried to fly across Pacific Ocean in 1935. This flight started from Honolulu and reached Oakland. Another attempt was California to get Mexico City. In 1937, she tries again her attempt to fly from Oakland to Hawaii.

The career as pilot gave her money. Moreover, her other contributions became her legacy, including the book. Based on estimation data, Amelia Earhart net worth is approximately $10 million. As female pilot, her name is far more important because she encouraged the equal right in aviation industry.



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