Andrew Wommack net Worth and income
Andrew Wommack net Worth and income

How Much is Andrew Wommack Net Worth and Income 2018

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Andrew Wommack net Worth and income
Andrew Wommack Net Worth : $ 10 Million

Who is Andrew Wommack? Many of you might know him well. Yes, he is an American Christian TV evangelist. He is quite popular in America as a faith healer. Andrew Wommack Net Worth is around $ 10 million dollars. He also manages as the founder of ‘Charis Bible College’ and also ‘Andrew Wommack Ministries’.

Earlier, he married his wife, Jamie in 1972. They have 2 sons named Joshua and Jonathan Peter. He and his wife led 3 small churches. And he also ever broadcasted his first Gospel Truth radio program in Childress, Texas. There is a story about him. Andrew explained to his people that his son, Peter was ever dead before the holly spirit raised him to live. He stated that it was the power of God that raised his son up. Andrew also told that the deaf or blind people can be healed with the God’s grace.

As he ever quoted (taken in Wikipedia),

“I don’t claim to have ‘arrived’ concerning prayer, but I’ve definitely left! I regularly see miracles of every kind happen in my life and ministry. My own son was raised up after being dead for five hours. I’ve seen many blind eyes and deaf ears opened, not to mention all of the cancers healed, people coming out of wheelchairs, and demons cast out.

Source of Andrew Wommack Net Worth

Andrew Wommack earned money from the career he does. He currently works as TV evangelist.  His appearance on TV keep his regular income. And he is also a teacher who manages the Charis Bible College. It was said that hundreds of new students come to his college annually. Of curse it give him more income. Besides, he also got the other works . Since he is already popular as healer, some people thought that she got benefit from his talent. Last but not least, some sources told that as a ministry and the founder of AWM, there are some people or donator would love to support his activities. The sources of his net worth are various. Andrew Wommack Net Worth reached $ 10 Million.

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