Angel Brinks Net Worth and income
Angel Brinks Net Worth and income

How Much is Angel Brinks Net Worth and Income?

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Angel Brinks Net Worth and income
Angel Brinks Net Worth : $700.000

Angel Brinks is one of  fashion icon and entrepreneur. You must know about Glitzy Leggings. She is the creator of Glitzy Legging. Currently her  innovation in fashion has been adopted by a lot of people. Angel Brink is  also a fashion designer. Some names asked her to design some clothing for them. Currently, Angel Brinks net worth is around $700.000 dollars or more.

Due to designing is her talent and hobby, she currently runs a business in fashion. He name her own brand with Angel Brinks Fashion. She is the CEO. Brinks began her career as fashion designer in 2010. Her Glitzy Legging has become people’s favorite. Do you use it too? This  iconic legging is very popular. And many people even name her as The Queen of Leggings.

Her design has become the other celebrities’ attention. An American rapper Trina was said as the first celebrity that is interested in Brink’s design. She even asked Angel Brink to design for her. It seems that Trina loves it. Because Since then, Trina has become  her regular customer.

Beside her career in business, she is also a TV personality. Her relationship with with ‘Tyreke Evans’, a basketball player has its own story for the public. Because their love story was told in a TV show, “Basketball Wives : LA”. Unfortunately, it was said that their relationship has already ended since 2015

The source of Angel Brinks Net Worth

Even though she is actually not a top celebrity like Jennifer Aniston or Scarlett Johansson, etc. Angel Brinks is so multi-talented. She doesn’t only appear on TV  but he also designs some clothing. Te biggest Angela Brinks income was from her designing activities. Her Glitzy Legging is one of her innovation that also bring her wealth. His appearance in some TVshows also gives significant income. For now on, Angel Brinks net worth could be more than $700.000.

Her income could increase more. Now, she has to think about new innovation for her clothing products. When the people love her hits work, then he will deserve more net worth.


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