Anthony Michael Hall Net Worth
Anthony Michael Hall Net Worth

The Funny Truth behind Anthony Michael Hall Net Worth

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Anthony Michael Hall Net Worth
Anthony Michael Hall Net Worth

Most movies have a nerdy guy character in them. Of course, the existence of a nerdy, even goofy guy is important since it enhances the excitement of that particular movie. A nerdy guy is typically the bullied one who seems powerless and hopeless. However, things might be different for the actor who plays that nerdy character. Take Anthony Michael Hall for example. Although his roles mainly consist of goofy, ridiculous characters, things are much cooler in his life. Anthony Michael Hall net worth is estimated to reach $16 million. That amount is not something to be laughed at.

In the eighties, his popularity raised because he played in several teen movies. The movies he has played in include the famous Vacation, The Breakfast Club, and Weird Science. His appearance in these movies increases his reputation as an actor with nerdy roles.

However, his roles are not all monotonous. In one famous movie with the title Edward Scissorhands, Anthony Michael Hall played the complete opposite of a nerd, which is a bully. He performed his role in this movie excellently and proved that he is such a talented all-rounder.

The Sources of Anthony Michael Hall Net Worth

As you can predict, the main source of income for Anthony Michael Hall is by starring in various major movies. Other than movies, he has also made appearances in TV series such as The Dead Zone. Although he did not get a major role, he got a minor role in The Dark Knight. Being an actor, as we all know, is one of the highest paying jobs.

The high amount of Anthony Michael Hall net worth also comes from his other professions as a film producer and director. Anthony Michael Hall’s achievements are a proof that being multitalented is not enough; one has to make efforts in maximizing all the potentials.


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