Lee van Cleef Net Worth and Income
Lee van Cleef Net Worth and Income

How Much was the Western Legendary Actor, Lee Van Cleef Net Worth?

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Lee van Cleef Net Worth and Income
Lee van Cleef Net Worth and Income

Lee Van Cleef was an American actor. He was popular in his era for starring For a Few Dollars More. Lee van Cleef Net Worth was estimated around $ 2 million. He passed away in December, 1989 because of heart attack. His Grave is at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills. And there was an inscription on his gravestone. It is “Best of the Bad”. It was said as a sign of respect for him for contributing in movie industry, especially western and action. Because, he mostly appeared in Western and action movies.

He is also popular for having rare physical characteristic. Lee Van Cleef got hetero-chromatic eyes, This is a condition when the eyes could have different colors. He has one green and one blue eye color. Lee is the popular and legend for western movies ever. Don’t you know? The Primus Band even created a song about Lee Van Cleef in Green Naugahyde.

Lee Van Cleef had starred various titles of movies including “The Good The Bad and the Ugly”, “High Noon“, The “Stranger and the Gunfighter”, etc.

High Noon was his debut movie. And his role in Thieves of Fortune, as Sergio Danielo Christophero was the last role he took as an actor. It was a movie in 1989 before he died.

The Source of Lee Van Cleef Net Worth

Most of his income was from his appearances in a lot of movies.  He often took roles as villain in the movies. Irt was supported with his appearance. he got the hatchet face with pierced eyes and hook nose. He finally became the public and media attention due to his film, For a Few dollars more, broke the limits. It became box office especially in Europe. Lee Van Cleef net worth reached $ 2 million.


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