Bas Rutten Net Worth and Income
Bas Rutten Net Worth and Income

How Much is Bas Rutten Net Worth and Income today?

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Bas Rutten Net Worth and Income
Bas Rutten Net Worth : 10 million

Bas Rutten is a retired Dutch mixed martial artist. He masters Karate, Taekwondo, and kickboxer. He is quite popular for his career as the UFC Heavyweight Champion and as an actor. Bas Rutten net worth reaches more than $10 million.

Sebastiaan “Bas” Rutten was born in 1965, in Tilburg, As a fighter, he popularized a tactic called “Liver shot” (both punch and kick). This is one of his favorite tactics. He has won several competition. Some of them including UFC heavyweight championship. And he was a three-time King of Pancrase world champion.

And don’t you know? Bas Rutten left his fighting career with unbeaten status. He won 21 fight and 1 tied (22 fight without defeat). Bas decided to retire from fighting in 1999. Then he often appeared in several movies and TV shows. Rutten was the co-host of Inside MMA on AXS TV 2007-2016

And of course he still do a lot of things related to fighting championship. He ever worked as a commentator in several MMA organizations, including Pride. Bas also become coach in MMA. He is a also and author of several instructional materials.

As an actor, he appeared in some movies, even though he got small roles. Those included Martial Law, 18 Wheels of Justice, The King of Queens, The Eliminator, and the movie with genre comedy,  The Kingdom of Ultimate Power.

The source of Bas Rutten Net Worth and Income

Most of his income was from his career a fighter. As the champion of UFC heavyweight and master of martial arts, he has earned a lot of money. For he has already retired as fighter, he earned more income as an actor of some TV shows and commentator  for some MMA program.

Today, he lives in California with his wife Karin and two young daughters. Bas Rutten got a nice nickname. He was called El Guapo, “the handsome one”. His charming and charismatic look is another reason why he was loved by the people and suitable to be an actor.

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