Ben Silbermann Net Worth as the King of Pinboards
Ben Silbermann Net Worth as the King of Pinboards

Ben Silbermann Net Worth and Income as the King of Pinboards

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Ben Silbermann Net Worth as the King of Pinboards
Ben Silbermann Net Worth: $1.6 billion

Nowadays, who does not know the famous application Pinterest? The platform aims to create a digital pinboard and search for ideas which are based on image. Then, users are allowed to manage their “pinboards” and sort images with certain topics. The topics vary widely such as cooking, interior design, fashion, make up, art, technology, and others. This phenomenal board was designed by Ben Silbermann. For this pleasing platform, Ben Silbermann net worth is growing into a fantastic number.

When young Silbermann lived in Iowa, he loved to kept dried insect and pin them into a cardboard. No one really predict that such ordinary hobby can bring Silbermann into a massive success. Silbermann believes colleting hobby really tell a lot about someone personality and references. Hence, he wanted to create a digital world where people can truly show who they really are through the board.

Ben Silbermann was an excellent graduate from Yale University. He went to Google and worked here as the online advertising division. Shortly, he left the company and tried to design his own start up. After several failures, he finally launched Pinterest on 2010 and it became a new hit on the internet.

Ben Silbermann Net Worth and Revenue

The 35 years old entrepreneur has featured on the Forbes Billionaires list and regarded as the youngest one. The website reported to earn $553 million in May 2015. The investment values of the website now are estimated to reach $11 billion. Some investors even predict Pinterest as the hardest rival for both Facebook and Twitter.

As the result, Ben Silbermann net worth grows into $1.6 billion and this number will not stop expanding. It is not an overnight success and the chance of making Pinterest a better place is the challenge that Silbermann must take to maintain the website popularity.

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