Bernie Kosar Net Worth after His Retirement
Bernie Kosar Net Worth after His Retirement

How Much is Bernie Kosar Net Worth and Income Today

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Bernie Kosar Net Worth after His Retirement
Bernie Kosar Net Worth : $ 100.000

In early 2018, Bernie Kosar net worth is estimated to reach $100,000. He earned the prosperity from his former profession as a football player. He was known to play in National Football League as a quarterback. Now that he has retired as an athlete, he is currently making salary from his business and activities as a consultant.

This American football player was born on November 24th, 1963 in Youngstown. Before joining a football club, he played baseball and college football when he was still in high school and university. In National Football League, he served for several clubs such as Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins, and Cleveland Browns.

His first club for NFL is Cleveland Browns. He started serving for that club in 1985 for 18 years. He got many achievements as well as injuries there. In 1993, the club released him, then he joined Dallas Cowboys. In his second club, he stayed for one year as he only signed for one year contract. After that, he signed a contract with Miami Dolphins for two years.

Estimation of Bernie Kosar Net Worth

Mostly, Bernie Kosar accumulated his net worth from his previous profession as a football player. He earned $1.65 million for his two years contract with Miami Dolphins. Previously, $1 million was earned from his one year contract with Dallas Cowboys. Meanwhile, for his longest contract with Cleveland Browns, his earnings were predicted to reach more than $20 million.

After his retirement as a football player, Bernie Kosar purchased shares of two teams which were Florida Panthers and Las Vegas Gladiators. However, his business did not go well as he went for bankruptcy in 2009. Recently, he served as a consultant for his first club, Cleveland Browns. It is predicted that Bernie Kosar net worth still remains stable just like in the previous years.


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