Bill Gates Net Worth
Bill Gates Net Worth

How Much is Microsoft Boss, Bill Gates Net Worth and Income 2018?

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Bill Gates Net Worth
Bill Gates Net Worth

In March 2018, the estimation of Bill Gates net worth reaches $91.5 billion. Before 2017, commonly the people labeled  him as the richest person in the world. With his current amount of net worth, he sits on the second position after Jeff Bezos. Bill Gates earns his wealth from several businesses that he runs. He is very popular as the founder and the boss of Microsoft Corporation.

Bill Gates or William Henry Gates III was born on October 28th, 1955. At first, the family expected him to pursue his career in law. However, young Gates prefers programming as his passion.  In fact, Gates used to attend Harvard College in 1973. However, he left it after two years to build his own software company along with his friend, Paul Allen.

In Microsoft, Gates is on the board member. He is also still active as a technology advisor there. In 2002, Gates and his wife created a new company named Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation or Gates Foundation. This foundation focuses on health care improvement, poverty reduction, and education. It was honored by some awards regarding its philanthropic activities.

How much is Bill Gates Net Worth?

Bill Gates earns his net worth from some of his business. The amount of his foundation assets is predicted to reach $41 billion. Gates owns numerous properties which cost incredibly, including houses, cars, and his foundation. His luxury house covers 66,000 square foot. Now, the value of this house is around $125 million. He also collects numerous sports cars, including Ferrari, Lexus, and Porsche.

As he has a great amount of wealth, Gates planned not to make his children inherit his wealth. Bill Gates stated that they need to work hard and he will supports them with good education. So that, he let them to have their own career. Regarding his business potential including from his foundation and Microsoft, it is predicted that Bill Gates net worth will keep going impressively or even increasing.


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