Blue Man Group Net Worth and Income
Blue Man Group Net Worth and Income

The Average of Blue Man Group Net Worth and Income

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Blue Man Group Net Worth and Income
Blue Man Group Net Worth : $ 50 million

Blue Man Group net worth is predicted to reach the average of $50 million for each member. This theatre group promotes music and performance arts in many different themes, such as science and technology, information overload and information pollution, innocence, self-conscious and naïve imitation, the outsider, and rooftops. As a result, the group gets much recognition and popularity.

Blue Man Group was formed by three friends: Matt Goldman, Chris Wink, and Phil Stanton. They made the first performance in 1987. At that time, they wore blue masks and did a street procession in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Afterwards, they continued to perform some small shows at downtown clubs. They started to perform at Astor Place Theatre in 1991.

Moreover, Blue Man Group has several theatrical productions located in various places. They held a world tour to several countries as well. To add up, they has released four studio albums since 1999 and won many awards.

Where does Blue Man Group net worth come from?

As a theatre group, Blue Man Group earns their net through the sale of performance tickets, studio albums, and world tour tickets. The group gets the income from its appearances on some advertisements as well, such as in promoting Intel and TIM Brazil.  In addition, it is also known that they earn the salary by performing in some TV programs and awards.

Blue Man Group net worth  might reach $50 million for each member. Beside their personal assets, the members also have a school under the name of Blue School. Along with their spouses, they opened the school after established a playgroup in 2006. This school is located in South Street Seaport and the students are in the range of 2 years old to grade 8. The school is said to be developed based on the basic mission and values of Blue Man Group which are transferred into an educational setting.


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