Bob Harper Net Worth and Income
Bob Harper Net Worth and Income

Bob Harper Net Worth and Income, The Richest Personal Trainer

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Bob Harper Net Worth and Income
Bob Harper Net Worth and Income

Bob Harper was born on 18 August 1965, in Nashville, United States. He is an American personal trainer, author and TV personality too. He is known best for his role as a host in TV series, The Biggest Loser. He became the successor of the previous host, Alison Sweeney. Bob Harper net worth is around $4.5 million.

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Earlier, Bob Harper had become the personal trainer for some celebrities including Jennifer Jason Leigh. Jennifer might be the first actress. Besides, Bob also appeared as an extra cast for Melissa Etheridge’s song video, “Angels Would Fall” in 1999.

His popularity had brought him into TV show. he even worked as a trainer for NBC s show since 2004. Ans he still take daily classes in LAas a yoga instructor. To share his knowledge about weight loss, he even created an official website. You can check it in There the subscriber could share their problem in losing weight,

The Sources of Bob Harper Net Worth

Bob’s activities had made him rich and popular. He might be one of the most successful and richest personal trainer in America. He doesn’t only train the common people, he is also popular among the celebrities. Some of them had big trust in him. He gained a lot of income from his jobs. Of course, become personal trainer is one of his source of money. Bob also gains income from his regular TV show, The Biggest Loser.  As you know, before becoming the host for the program, Bob Harper had become the trainer since 2004.

So far Bob Harper Net Worth touched 4.5 million dollars. He had collected the money professionally. Thanks to his talent. Boib has become the people’s favorite to solve the weight problem. Some other sources of money included classes of yoga in L.A.


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