Bobby Lashley Net Worth and Income
Bobby Lashley Net Worth and Income

How Much is Bobby Lashley Net Worth and Income Today?

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Bobby Lashley Net Worth and Income
Bobby Lashley Net Worth : $ 7 Million

Franklin Robert is so popular as WWE wrestler. He is best known for his stage name, Bobby Lashley. He is also a martial artist with big and muscled body. Bobby Lashley Net Worth is around $ 7 million noted in 2017. Recently in 2018, he had just signed a new contract with WWE. But it was still unclear about the money he received. Of course it give big impact on his net worth too.
Bobby Lashley was born in 1976. His passion in wrestling has shown when he was young. He began his career by joining the national college amateur wrestling championship. Surprisingly, Bobby won the it for 3 times in a row since 1996-1998. In 2003, he suffered a knee injury that caused him failed to join an Olympics Games. It didn’t make him stop. He decided to continue his career in pro wrestling.

WWE (2004) During his career with WWE, he has won several titles. Those included United States Champion. His name become so popular. He won the United States Championship after defeating JBL.

ECW (2006) He became the first African-American wrestler who could beat Test and The Big Show in Extreme Elimination Chamber match. Bobby successfully found himself winning the title, ECW World Championship. Due to his excellent work, there was a rumor about the significant impact on his contact value. Lashley won his second ECW champion after defeating Vince McMahon.
He had adventurous experience. He had signed contract with some other wresting federations, including AAA and TNA. And now he signed for WWE again (in 2018).

The source of Bobby Lashley Net Worth

Most of Bobby Lashley income was from his career as wrestler so far. It has been 14 years since his first contract with WWE. Along his career, Bobby Lashley net worth reached $ 7 million dollars. And with his recent contract with WWE, it seems like his net worth is higher now. Unfortunately, there is still no detail of his new contact yet. Talking about his return to WWE, many people are waiting for p[potential match between him and Brock Lesnar

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