Boyd Coddington Net Worth and Income 2018
Boyd Coddington Net Worth and Income 2018

How Much is Boyd Coddington Net Worth and Income?

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Boyd Leon Coddington was an American hot rod designer. He was also an owner of Boyd Coddington Hot Rod Shop and American Hot Rod on TLC. Mister Coddington passed away at the age 63 in 2008.  Boyd Coddington net worth is more or less 12.5 million dollars.

Boyd Coddington Net Worth and Income 2018
Boyd Coddington Net Worth $ 12.5 million

Born on August 28, 1944. Boyd Coddington grew up in Rupert, Idaho. Young Boyd loved reading all the hot car magazines. To show his passion, Boyd got his first car, a Chevrolet truck in 1931 when he was only 13 years old. His talent showed up. Boyd even completed a three year apprenticeship in the machine section.

In addition, Boyd was quite popular for his clean and elegant design. He could combines an old school with “Boyd Look”. The design features a vintage style, with some modern components and scratches on customer preferences.

The source of Boyd Coddington Net worth

Boyd Coddington was known as hard worker. When he was already in working position, he did not know the time. Don’t you know? In 1968, He built a hot rod during the day and worked as a machinist at Disneyland at night. His hot road was unique. And he was able to open his own shop in 1977. It was Hot Rods by Boyd, located in Cypress, California. His first major customer was Vern Luce who won the Al Slonaker Award at the Oakland Roadster event in 1981 with his 1933 Coupe.

Surprisingly, Boyd didn’t only design an excellent car, but he did build a new innovation for the wheel. He created his custom-fabricated wheels. In 1988, Coddington founded Boyd’s Wheels, Inc. This company produced and market its customized wheel which is compatible for the design.

Boyd’s engineering influence was so popular. he was really an inspiring person for many young car designer. For his successful career Boyd Coddington  Net Worth has reached 12.5 million dollars.

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