Brendon Burchard net worth and income
Brendon Burchard net worth and income

How Much is Brendon Burchard Net Worth and Income?

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Brendon Burchard net worth and income
Brendon Burchard net worth : $7 Million

Brendon Burchard is a popular  and inspiring book author. He is also a motivational speaker from America. Burchard’s book has been on the best seller list of New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal too. Due to his work and excellent achievement, Brendon Burchard net worth could reach $7 million.

His books are so popular among the people in America. The books are written from his experience in his life. By reading his book, the people could feel what he really feels. And they feel impressed with his work. One of the sources of inspiration for his books is his accident in the past.

He got a fatal car accident when he was only 19. Since then, she started to think about, “Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter?” Millions of people loved to read his books. They got inspired to face their life in different way. Brendon described his nearly death experience with perfect words in his first book. You might ever read it, it was “Life’s Golden Ticket: An Inspirational Novel” (released in 2008).

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His first book successfully touch the heart of the people. When he got fame and fans, Brendon repeat his success by releasing his second book, The Millionaire Messenger. This book was on the list of best sellers. Therefore, his name became one of the best inspirational writer in America. The successful books continued with the releasing of his third and fourth book. They are The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives that Make You Feel Alive (2012)and The Motivation Manifesto: 9 Declarations to Claim Your Personal Power (2014)

The Source of Brendon Burchard Net Worth

Brendon Burchard might be pleased that the terrible thing in his life was paid with an excellent career. He earned a lot of income from his work as an author. This is one of his biggest incomes. Besides, due to his inspirational life, Brendon also became one of top motivational speakers in America. Brendon Burchard net worth touched $ 7 million.


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