Sue Grafton Net Worth and Income
Sue Grafton Net Worth and Income

How Much is Sue Grafton Net Worth and Income Today?

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Sue Grafton Net Worth and Income
Sue Grafton Net Worth : $ 50 million

Sue Grafton was an American author. She passed away in the end of 2017. She was best recognized for her work in Alphabet Series. It started from A for “Alibi”, B for “Burglar”, etc. Sue Grafton was born in Louisville, part of Kentucky in 1940. She was 77 years old when she died. Sue Grafton Net Worth reached US $ 50 million.


Her passion of writing must be from her father, C.W Grafton. Mr. Grafton was also mystery novelist. Some sources told that her father taught her a lot about writing and editing process. and he groomed her to be a writer. She then began writing when she was 18. Sue finished her first novel after 4 years.  She even wrote 6 more novels. And two of them were successfully published. Those books are Keziah Dane and The Lolly-Madonna War.

She felt unsuccessful with her work. Since then, she tried her luck in Screenplay. She spent 15 years as writer of screenplay. One of them, Walking Through the Fire earned a Christopher Award in 1979. She even adopted Agatha Christie novels A Caribbean Mystery and Sparkling Cyanide for Television

Her experience as a screenwriter was so helpful. She could learn the basics of structuring a story, writing dialogue, and creating action sequences. Therefore, Sue Grafton decided to write a fiction (again). Inspired by many mystery novelist made her wrote mystery novel as well. It was Alphabet series. This mystery fiction featured sleuth and  Kinsey Millhone, private investigator. Based on her willingness, the book actually would end in “Z” (Zero). However, she had no chance to make it, because she had passed away. According to family, Sue didn’t allow any ghostwriter to finish it. The series ended in “Y”.

The Source of Sue Grafton Net Worth and Income

Sue Grafton had become successful author. Her greatest work, Alphabet series have been published in 28 countries and in 26 languages. And it was on The New York Times Best Seller list.  This Mystery series successfully brought her name to fame and wealth. She had received many awards including Anthony Best Novel Award in 1986,1987,1991, Grand Master Award from the Mystery Writers of America in 2009, etc. In 2013 she received  Bouchercon’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

So far, From all the works she did from screenplay and writer for novels, Sue Grafton Net Worth reached US$ 50 million

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