10 Brilliant Camping Hacks You Should Know

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3. Toilet paper from a can

As unusual as it sounds, this is exactly the end result. Protect your toilet paper if you go on hiking in the rainy weather. Just as we have explained in the introduction, these situations happen often and almost always when you least expect them. So, take some time to think about your hiking before going there, and make a toilet paper safeguard. How to do that? Very easy!

If you like instant coffee, drink all the coffee as you will need a can! Put the toilet paper in a cleaned can, drill a thin, long hole on the side of the can, swallow a sheet of toilet paper, and the protective toilet paper box is done!

Of course, you can always use cans of different materials. What matters is that the material is impermeable, so that the toilet paper remains dry.

4. Cut the soap into thin slices and keep it!

When you go to a multi-day hiking expedition, and you are planning to sleep in nature for at least 3 – 4 nights, you will surely need a soap. Well, you’ll need it every day, no doubt about it.

If you know that, consider the worst thing that can happen to you! Oh, yes, a lost soap or soap that has inadvertently melted can become a real nightmare. Prevent this by shredding a solid piece of soap into thin slices using a kitchen knife for peeling potatoes.

Put the slices of soup in separate pieces of foil and pack them in different places in the backpack or clothes. This way you will always have a piece of soap ready for single use.

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