10 Brilliant Camping Hacks You Should Know

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5. Make a lantern of empty bottles and headlamp

A headlamp is a necessary part of the equipment if you are moving through inaccessible terrain, dense forests and other parts of the natural environment that can be quite dark even when it’s clear. You make sure you always have it, and one of the reasons is that you can use it to make a real lantern for the tent.

Headlamp and large plastic bottle, or ideally thicker white bottle will be enough. Fill it with water, fasten the headband so that the lamp is pressed against the plastic to the inside of the bottle, and the reflection you will receive will be sufficient to light the entire tent without any problem.

6. Floating pendant for keys

If you really need to take some keys with you on hiking, try to prepare them so you can easily find them. We suggest you to make a cork pendant for keys. This old trick will help you to even if you get into the water, which is not impossible if you combine rafting with hiking and camping, your key remains on the surface.

Use a thin metal wire to drill the cork and make the bow. Attach the keys to that metal bow and the pendant is finished.

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