Brother Polight Net Worth and Income
Brother Polight Net Worth and Income

How Much is Brother Polight Net Worth and Income?

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Brother Polight Net Worth and Income
Brother Polight Net Worth : $ 3.4 million

Brother Polight net worth is estimated around $3.4 million. His nam might be not popular for common people. But if you are book lovers, you might know  a little or more information about him. Brother Polight is popular as a novelist  and a highly inspiring motivational speaker.

His real name is Michael Noak. He has a unique and colorful history. Don’t you know? He used to live as  a gang member, before he became a writer. He might never dream to be a novelist before. As you know that, Gang is a  group of people that related to power and crime.

Since he was a kid, he had been left by his father and her mother too. The condition of him, being alone, forced him to bet his life on the street. Even though he lived and grew up on the street, Brother Polight is an intelligent person. He can speak in 7 languages fluently. When he decided to change his life way to be author, it really gave significant impact. His effort in writing was paid much more than he expected. He became popular and wealth.

The source of Brother Polight Net Worth

His decision to live the Dark world brought him to colorful and bright day. He became successful writer with more than 90 books released. This is one of the biggest income for his bank account. Beside living as an author, he also became a motivational speaker for some groups. So far, Brother Polight Net Worth could be 3.4 million dollars. It could increase more sooner or later.

Further, Brother Polight is the founder of Nu-Covenant. According to, Nu-Covenant is a spiritual community which is based on Egyptian Mythology.  This community would try to give aids the members in obtaining financial success. The organization got motto “Where Consciousness meets Commerce.”

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