Burnie Burns Net Worth and Income
Burnie Burns Net Worth and Income

Burnie Burns Net Worth and Income, The Co Founder Rooster Teeth

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Burnie Burns Net Worth and Income
Burnie Burns Net Worth : $ 5 million

Michael Justin “Burnie” Burns is a talented and popular man in America. He is so busy with his various works. As we know that, he is  an American writer, actor, comedian, and host too. Further he also expands his talent as producer and director. Burnie Burns Net Worth so far is estimated around $ 5 Million. Currently, he is the chief creative officer of Rooster Teeth.

He did give contributions in machinima. This is the use of computer graphic in video game for making a film. Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles is one of the work of Machinima. Due to the success of it, Burnie Burns then became the co-founder for Rooster Teeth.You can  wtach various web series in the YouTube Channel, Rooster Teeth.

Burns was born on January 18, 1973 in the Rochester, New York. But he grew up in Houston, Texas. Don’t youknow? his father was a Physics professor. Uniquely, the nickname “Burnie” was given by his senior in school. It was due to too many Michaels in his school, Alief Elsik High School. senior to separate him from the many Michaels in his class. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science in The University of Texas.

Burnie also do acting career. You might ever watch him in several TV shows and movies too. One of them was Lazer Team (2015), which continued with Lazer Team 2 (2017). In Red vs Blue, The Strangerhood, Rooster Teeth Shorts, he even took various roles. He was the creator, director, and the producer as well.  And he also did tve voice acting for those shows.

The Source of Burnie Burns Net Worth

Burnie Burns is very popular for his role behind the screen. He had already produced and directed various TV shows and movies. And many of them ran successfully. As the result, Burnie Burns net worth even reach $ 5 million dollars. Of course, his channel on YouTube also give big contribution.

Have you ever watched the YouTube channel, Rooster Teeth? There you will find many animated creation he produced. The channel even got more than 9 million subscribers. Can you imagine how much the income from the YouTube?

Short Info about Burnie Burn Bio

Full NameMichael Justin "Burnie" Burns
Place, Date of BirthJanuary 18, 1973 in the Rochester, New York
Social MediaBurnie Burns Instagram (@burnie)
Net Worth$ 8 million

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