Chip Foose net Worth and Income
Chip Foose net Worth and Income

Chip Foose Net Worth and His Successful Automotive Business

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Chip Foose net Worth and Income
Chip Foose net Worth and Income

Chip is one of lucky guys to make money from his passion. He is an automotive shop owner, maker, and he has also appeared in some TV shows. From his various jobs, Chip Foose net worth has reached a fantastic amount of $18.5 million; all from his automotive business.

He started getting involved in automotive business since a very young age. If the unofficial jobs are taken into account, he has started his first project at the age of seven years old. He did painting a Porsche car. Actually, this is not surprising because his father owned a company called Project Design which also specializes in automotive products. Because of his background, his interest, and his passion, he pursued an automotive design degree. He already got a job as a director in designing in Asha Corporation before he even graduated.

Before deciding to start his own company, Chip Foose worked in a shop called Hot Rods which is owned by Boyd. He worked there for 8 years and started his own company when he had gained enough experience. It is called Foose Design, and he runs it with his wife.

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The Sources of Chip Foose Net Worth

In addition, other than taking care of his automotive business and earning a bunch of money from it, Chip Foose also gets a huge amount of income from appearing in various TV shows. He hosts a TV show called “Overhaulin”. This show ran for a total of eight years in 2 different TV stations, no wonder that is gives him many profits.

Hopefully, Chip Foose net worth can be an inspiration that anyone can be successful if enough efforts are made. Foose might have got influence from his father. But, without his own efforts, he would never become successful as he is now.


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