Choi Siwon Net Worth and Income
Choi Siwon Net Worth and Income

How Much is Choi Siwon Networth and Income today?

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Choi Siwon Net Worth and Income
Choi Siwon Net Worth : $ 35 million

Choi Si Won is one of the most famous idols in Korea. He is not only popular as singer, he is also a songwriter and actor as well. Si Won is a member of boy band, Super Junior. Choi Siwon net worth is around $35 million. Based on some sources, Si Won was ranked third among the richest Korean stars.

Born in 1986 in Seoul, his father was¬†former CEO of Boryung Medicine, a pharmaceutical company. Even though his father’s name is popular, he reached his popularity with his own effort. When Si Won was still 16, a Korean agent from SM entertainment scouted him. In this case, he then joined an audition for the company’s Starlight Casting System. Si Won passed the audition, of course without his father’s help.

Some sources told that his family asked Si Won to be responsible of what he took. Then he signed a contract with SM Entertainment. With Super Junior, he gained popularity and wealth. Choi Si Won is also gifted with very charming and handsome look. His fans even see him as a very perfect idol.

In his acting career, he also had starred various titles of movies and TV dramas. those included, Oh! My Lady (2010) and Poseidon (2011), and Besides, he also got some roles supporting character in Athena: Goddess of War (2010), The King of Dramas (2012), She Was Pretty (2015) and Revolutionary Love (2017).

And you must know that he had ever played alongside legendary Hong Kong actor, Jacky Chan in Dragon Blade.

The source of Choi Siwon Net Worth

Choi Si Won is one of the richest idol in Korea. So far, Choi SiWon net Worth should be more than $ 35 million. Most of his income was from his activity in entertainment. He does singing activities with his group and do many solo activities like acting and singing too. Besides, he also got more sponsorship from some products and do some endorsement. His popularity, talent and charm had made him truly idol for his fans around the world. Don’t you agree with that?

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