Chris Hughes net worth and income
Chris Hughes net worth and income

Chris Hughes Net Worth and Income as Founder of Facebook

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Chris Hughes net worth and income
Chris Hughes net worth : $ 500 million

Chris Hughes is a well-known as entrepreneur from America who has a total net worth of $500 million. He was co-founding one of the most used social media platforms, Facebook. This is one of the reason why Chris Hughes net worth reached half of billion. Clearly, this is so impressive, since he is only in his mid-30s.

Born in The North Carolina, Chris co-founded Facebook when he was still in college.  He was a freshmen at Harvard when he met Mark Zuckerber. As you know, Mark is the one who we already familiar with as the Facebook CEO. When Mark recruited Chris, the startup project was still on its early stage of development.

You may wonder about Chris’ role in this project as he’s an Arts Bachelor. Well, Chris was in charge of product suggestions as well as beta testing. These roles are obviously equally important to others. He was even claimed to be the key player of Facebook’s feature development. You can say that, many popular features that you can enjoy on Facebook mainly based on his ideas and suggestions.

The Source of Chris Hughes Net Worth

If one has to talk about the source of his net worth, you can assume that majority of his net worth was derived from his share as the co-founder of Facebook. Even though he left the company when it was growing well, you cannot deny that Chris had played an important role in its growth. That’s why it very much makes sense if he got his own share of it.

The report that flew across the web said that Chris has a total of two percent stake of the company. He was honored to have big contributions to the development of Facebook. Thus two percent was calculated to be approximately half a billion—the Chris Hughes net worth—after undergoing the tax-fortune.


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