Christy Mack Net Worth and Income
Christy Mack Net Worth and Income

How Much is Christy Mack Net Worth and Income Today?

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Christy Mack Net Worth and Income
Christy Mack Net Worth and Income

Christine Mackinday is an American nude model. She is populary known with stage name Christy Mack. The Christy Mack net worth is estimated around $500,000. Even though she is still young. She has become the media limelight due to her controversial event with an MMA fighter, War Machine

Young Christy Mack had already loved tattoos before she was sixteen. And she began her acreer as a tattoo. She works as model for some magazine including Rebel Ink and Ink Girl. She finally decided to work in adult viseo industry in 2012. She starred various titles of adult videos.And one of them was portraying Zatanna ini Dark Knight Parody.

She earned a lot of money after starring the adult videos. Then she decided to stop doing it. She chose to retire after having enough money from this industry. But it didn’t mean that she would leave the industry. Because, she ever told the media that she might come back to his old profession, but for now is not the time. She currently manages her online stores.

Her controversial event was with War Machine (Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver). War Machine actually dated Christy Mack few years ago. And they look so harmonious. Some news even reported that they took a picture together in nude.  But after knowing Christy was with another man, War Machine got mad. He assaulted Christy brutally. The doctors stated that she suffered many wounds in her body. She got general body swelling, a a ruptured liver,  broken and missing teeth, broken nose, etc. That was very bad day for her. War Machine was sentenced to life in prison.

Kendall Karson, her friend created a donation for Christy. They achieved more  than they expected. The amount of money they received is around $90,266. It was more than enough to cover her medical bills.

After having very hard day, she then went to plastic surgery program to re-fix some parts of her body. Surprisingly, she got it all for free. The plastic surgeon offers it for her to fight against violence.

The Source of Christy Mack Net Worth and Income

Most of Christy Mack income was from her profession as a model and an adult video star and model for some magazines. These all ended after she became the victim of violence. She now focus on her online store, selling sex toys, etc. She also will receive any paid appearances. And of course she got much income from the donation after violence.  Christy Net Worth today is around $ 500.000

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