How Much is Clu Gulager Net Worth and Income 2018

Clu Gulager Net Worth, Personal Life, and Career

Clu Gulager Net Worth: $10 million

William Martin “Clu” Gulager is a brilliant director senior and actor. He gained his fame prominently from various television shows and series. One of his noble works was his role as William H. Boney which was famously known as Billy the Kid on the NBC television series titled The Tall Man. A very long list of his notorious dedication toward American TV shows lead Clu Gulager net worth to reach a fantastic number: $10 million.

Clu Gulager was born 16 November 1928 in Oklahoma. His father, John Delancy Gulager, was also an actor before his retirement and turn into practice law in Oklahoma. John gave his son a unique nickname ‘Clu’ which referred to the clu-clu bird that nested on their house.

When Clu was 18 years old, he joined United States Marine Corps and served for about 2 years. Then, he went to Northeastern State University but later on he was transferred to Baylor University in Texas. Gulager was an excellent student and he won a scholarship for study aboard. This scholarship paved his way to the entertainment world.

Long Journey of Clu Gulager Net Worth and Career

On his abroad study, Gulager learned the art of role playing and directing under the supervision form a well-known French actor and director, Jean Louis Barrault. In 1952, Gulager came back to Baylor and married Miriam Nethery. Their wedding lasts for 50 years before her dead in 2003 due to cancer.

His very first appearance was in a television series titled ‘Have Gun-Will Travel’ as Roy Carter. Gulager then grew as a famous actor which starred approximately 55 films from 1964 until 2018. For the television shows career, he successfully appeared on 57 television shows which aired across states. Continuous productivity really affected Clu Gulager net worth to reach very impressive number.

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