Colin Mochrie Net Worth and income
Colin Mochrie Net Worth and income

How Much is Colin Mochrie Net Worth and Income?

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Colin Mochrie Net Worth and income
Colin Mochrie Net Worth : $ 1.2 million

Colin Andrew Mochrie is a famous improvisational comedian which frequently appears on both British and US televisions. He was born November 30, 1957 in Scotland. His wife is Debra McGrath and he also has a daughter named Kinley Mochrie. He was a prominent actor in TV improvisational shows called “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” Recent report stated that Colin Mochrie net worth is estimated for $1.2 million.

No one really expect that young Colin was a shy kid. On his secondary school, he proclaimed himself as a loner who wishes to be a marine biologist. His life was about to change when a friend of him offered a role of undertaker for a play titled “The Death and Life of Sneaky Fitch”. The very first laugh from the audiences during his play really hooked him. This moment later on paved his way to pursue a career in entertainment world.

After graduated, he enrolled Studio 58 and studied there for four years. In that school, he became aware of the art of improvisational play and comedy. Later on, Colin was graduated from the theatre school and got his first job at the Vancouver Theatre Sports League as a member.

Long Journey of Colin Mochrie Net Worth and Success

He stayed with Vancouver Theatre Sports League fir about six years. In 1986, he moved to Toronto and started a new career as a performer at the Second City National Touring Company where he met Kinley and started building a romantic relationship.

After the British version ended, the “Whose Line” show later on was aired on the America. He played almost in every episode for about 8 years. In 2006, the shows reached its final season. For his dedication to comedy world, he awarded Canadian Comedy Person of the Year. Colin Mochrie net worth is no other than a magnificent prove for his golden career through his life.


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