Connie Smith Net Worth and Income 2018
Connie Smith Net Worth and Income 2018

How Much is Connie Smith Net Worth and Income?

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Connie Smith Net Worth and Income 2018
Connie Smith Net Worth : $18 million

Constance June Meador is better known as Connie Smith. She was country singers in her era with numerous works and awards. Connie is no longer young. She has been 76 years old now. However, she was not too popular. Some people even thought that she was an underrated singer. Because she has no desire to pursue super stardom. Connie Smith net worth is around $18 million.

Born in 1941, Connie spent hard days when she was childhood due to his abusive father. her parents decided to divorce. Her mother remarried. And Connie lived with her mother and his step father, with his 8 children. Everything changed with her new family. Connie learn to play some music instruments like mandolin, fiddle, and guitar. She then realized that her passion was in music.

When she went professional in 60’s, his debut single “Once a Day” shake the billboard. It got number one in the chart. She even won Most Promising Female Country Artist by Billboard Magazine. Her success can be seen from the achievement that she got. She was in 11 nominees in Grammy Award. But She didn’t get anyone. Of course, she received the other awards.

The Sources of Connie Smith Net Worth

The source of Connie Smith income was mostly from her career as singer. Even though she was not too ambitious to be superstar in country music, she already sold million of copies of her songs and albums.  She has a lot of loyal fans.  So far, Connie Smith net worth has reached $ 18 million

Age is just a number. in 2010, even though her age has been over 60, she still got Grammy Awards nomination for “Best Country Collaboration with Vocals”, It was “Run to You” (with Marty Stuart).

While in 2012, her name was inducted for Country Music Hall of Fame by Country Music Association

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