Danielle Staub net worth and income
Danielle Staub net worth and income

How Much is Danielle Staub Net Worth and Income 2018?

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Danielle Staub net worth and income
Danielle Staub net worth and income

Danielle Staub is quite popular for her role in The Realhousewives of New Jersey in 2009. However, she only played for two seasons, before she suddenly stopped acting in this show.  There was no clear reason behind it. But some news  in 2017 told that she would come back to the show. There’s actually unclear information about her net worth. Some sources told that Danielle Staub net worth might have reached $ 1 million dollars.

Danielle Staub and her career is not as smooth as many people thought. Even though she was an actress who may get fame or wealth like others, but she also ever got some problem with some controversial issues. 

Born in 1962, The Sicilian girl was no longer new with some problem. She had learned a lot about how to face the life. Young Danielle lived as an adoption girl to an abusive family. They even named her, Beverly Ann Merill. Due to the abusive treatment of her family, she grew as a strong woman. It was written all in her autobiography, The Naked Truth.

Talking about her career as an actress, she doesn’t only join The Real Housewives for two seasons, but she also starred some others shows. Those included  Style Network comedy program The Dish. And she also got popularity for her role in  Famous Food, alonside Heidi Montage and Jake Pavelka.

The Source of Danielle Staub Net Worth

How is her income? Danielle might receive the income from her TV appearances. And her role in The Real Housewives of New Jersey, didn’t only bring her to fame, but wealth too. In 2012, she failed to control her financial stability after having more debt. She was even listed in bankruptcy. Fortunately, in 2014, Judge Donald H. Steckroth decided to discharge Staub’s debts. Currently, she is building up again her career from below. She is currently starring RHONJ, but not as a main character but as a friend. Some people also thought if Danielle may give impact to the increasing of the TV rating.  Hopefully Danielle Staub Net Worth would restore again.

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