Darryl Strawberry Net Worth and Income
Darryl Strawberry Net Worth and Income

Interesting Facts about Darryl Strawberry Net Worth

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Darryl Strawberry Net Worth and Income
Darryl Strawberry Net Worth: $ 500.000

Are you a fan of baseball games? If you are, you might have heard his name before. Darryl Strawberry is a professional former baseball player in America. During his career, he has played for several different teams which include the New York Yankees and the San Francisco Giants. With all these achievements, do you know the amount of Darryl Strawberry Net Worth? Well, this amount is quite fantastic. Darryl Strawberry net worth is around half million US Dollars.

He also received several awards, including Rookie of the Year around the eighties and all-star selection. Being born in March 1962, the brilliant history of Darryl Strawberry’s career also plays an important role in building his net worth.

He started to show a great talent and potential since high school. The New York Mets selected him out of the other players as the first one in the Major League Baseball Draft in 1980.

Where Does Darryl Strawberry Net Worth Come From?

He has played in top-rated baseball teams throughout his career, so this makes it possible for him to get high amount of income. These teams are: Los Angeles Dodgers, SF Giants, NY Yankees, and NY Mets. No wonder the amount of Darryl Strawberry’s net worth is high. He earned approximately thirty million US Dollars throughout his career.

However, Darryl Strawberry’s life is not free from problems. Despite having high income and high net worth, he experienced several problems which surprisingly included financial problems. Other than that, he also suffered from health issues.

But these problems did not last long, because he proved his ability to overcome his problems by establishing a rehab center for people who want to recover from drug abuse. His popularity also increased again – He published an autobiography and made it to the NY Mets Hall of Fame. Darryl Strawberry net worth does not stop him from making achievements and improving his life.

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