Dave Canterbury Net Worth and Income
Dave Canterbury Net Worth and Income

How Much is the Survivor Expert, Dave Canterbury Net Worth and Income

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Dave Canterbury Net Worth and Income
Dave Canterbury Net Worth : $ 400.000

Dave Canterbury is popular as a survivor specialist. Earlier, You might know him very well for co-starring a TV program, Dual Survivor. It ran for 2 seasons (2010-2011) in Discovery Channel. Besides, Dave is also an author for a best seller book. So far, Dave Canterbury net worth should be around $400.000.

As a survivor specialist, many people are very happy to see him. Because, they can learn a lot of things from the 54 years old man. Along his career, Dave spends most of his life in the wilderness. Living in the bushes with caveman’s tools is no longer new thing for him. But it dopesn’t mean that he was a poor guy.

Due to his excellent skill in surviving life, Dave became very popular man. He even got several role in TV programs to show about surviving in a some place without any modern items.

Born in 1963 in Florida, his passion in wildlife has been noticed when he was young. He loved doing outdoor activities. And when he was 17 years old, Dave was enrolled in the military program. He became part of US soldier for approximately 6 years between 1981 and 1987. This was the beginning of how he could be in really extreme interest.

After leaving his military career, he chose to work with nature background. He started by becoming reptile farm worker, then a commercial fisherman, then a diver.

And he also could appear on TV programs especially for the survivor series. This program is very suitable for anyone who loves challenge. Besides, he also could share about how he loves the nature.

The Source of Dave Canterbury Net Worth

Almost all his income was from the activities that he did. He is an expert of surviving. And his appearance in some TV programs had multiplied the amount of his money. Some of the TV shows including Dual Survivor and  Dirty Rotten Survival. Further, he also share his thought about living outdoor in some books. They are:

  1. Bushcraft 101 in 2014 (The New York Times Best Seller list)
  2. Survivability for the Common Man (2011),
  3. and Advanced Bushcraft (2015).

This is not just a hobby. His skill has been acknowledged as an expert. He is good teacher for anyone about living in wild life.

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