Dawn Wells Net Worth as a Veteran Actress
Dawn Wells Net Worth as a Veteran Actress

Dawn Wells Net Worth and Income as a Veteran Actress?

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Dawn Wells Net Worth as a Veteran Actress
Dawn Wells Net Worth : $ 7 million

Born on October 18th 1938 in Reno, Nevada, Dawn Wells Net Worth as a veteran actress is quite a lot. She is best known from CBS sitcom Gilligan’s Island. There she played as Mary Ann Summers. It was popular sitcom which aired from 1964 until 1967. It had 3 seasons and 98 episodes in total. Gilligan’s Island even reached solid ratings. The popularity of the showed increased sharply ever since.

Talking back about Dawn Wells, she is one of the regular cast members who are still alive up to this day. Another member is Tina Louise. In her youth, Wells went to Stephens College. She took chemistry as her major. However, she moved to Seattle and went to the University of Washington. She majored theater arts and design there and graduated in 1960. While studying at college, she was interested in beauty pageant. She joined Miss Nevada and fortunately won the pageant. She represented Nevada then to join Miss America 1960.

The New Interns was a film where she debuted in Hollywood. There were other television series in which she starred in. Those were the step-stones for her to later join Gilligan’s Island.

How Much is  Dawn Wells Net Worth of a Veteran Actress

Her personal life story is not much to dig. She was only married once with Larry Rosen in 1962. They divorced in 1967 with no children. As long as she lives, she does various humanitarian works and charity.

Back to her career story, she has starred in more than 40 film titles. She seems to dedicate her life for being an actress. Her true love for entertainment industry, moreover in film industry is so deep. At her age now which is 79, she still looks beautiful and productive. Along with her existence, people get curious how much she earns. It is stated that Dawn Wells Net Worth is $7 million


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