Diesel Dave Net Worth and Income
Diesel Dave Net Worth and Income

How Much is Diesel Brothers Star, Diesel Dave Net Worth and Income?

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Diesel Dave Net Worth and Income
Diesel Dave Net Worth: $ 2 million

Diesel Dave rose to fame due to his appearance in a TV show, Diesel Brothers. Dave is an American entrepreneur and tv personality. He also does custom vehicle builder. So far Diesel Dave Net Worth reached US$ 2 Million. He married to Susan. And  They have a cute daughter  named Saylor Fe Diesel.

“Diesel Brothers” consists of some members including, Diesel Dave, Heavy D, and their crews. They all love diesel, perform some car and bike modification or customize an old vehicle to be the new one. The TV show, “Diesel Brothers” is broadcasted on Discovery Channel.Many people love to see this show. Especially for them who love cars builder.

Dave Kiley or known best as Diesel Dave is one of the stars in that show. He is tough guy with full of skill. He is known as an associate of DieselSellerz with Heavy D. This is the place where many diesel fanatics from anywhere in the US gather. You can also visit their official website dieselsellerz.com. Diesel brothers had made many beautiful and extremely cool vehicles. Their site even offer a give away truck for the customer. Will you be interested?

The Source of Diesel Dave Net Worth

With his brother, Heavy D, they invested and built a really interesting company which is related to the vehicle’s need. Most of his income was from his activity in Dieselsellerz. The company doesn’t only customize or modify vehicles, but they also provides quality gears to support your vehicle.

With their excellent marketing and successful modifying, they could increase their income significantly. Further they also got their performance showed on TV. This is not only fr increasing their fame, they do get more income from the show as well. Diesel Dave Net Worth should be around $ 2 Million dollars.

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