DJ Duffey Net Worth and Income
DJ Duffey Net Worth and Income

How Much is DJ Duffey Net Worth and Income 2018?

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DJ Duffey Net Worth and Income
DJ Duffey Net Worth : $ 1.1 million

Latosha Duffey is known well as Dj Duffey. She is a former member from Basketball Wives LA. She once ever engaged to Iman Shokuohizadeh. But their relationship is unclear, And DJ Duffey was fired from BWLA. The mother of one son is popular in music industry. DJ Duffey Net Worth is around $ 1.1 million.

Duffey got a hard day when she was young. She married once in the age 0f 21. However she divorced to his husband. She raised her baby alone and become a single-mother. She even worked in a car rent company. Then, Duffey realized about her passion in music. She learned to be a DJ. Under a popular DJ in Dallas, DJ ASAP, she then got a chance to perform in clubs. Her career ran well. She performed DJing in front of hundreds of people for each night. Surprisingly, her name raised and the level of her economy increased as well. 

And her relationship to Iman Shokuohizadeh became the media limelight. Unfortunately, due to some issues, their relationship become unclear. Some news claimed that their relationship has ended. In an interview taken from, she said about her performance with DJ ASAP,

“Even after I finished my set and DJ ASAP began his, I would stand on the DJ booth, dance and was ultimately a one-man show. This really helped me become more popular as a DJ, and my skills grew because I was in front of real life people.”

The Source of Dj Duffey Net Worth

The source from her wealth comes from music. Based on the Forbes report, DJ Duffey could earn income $100.000 for a night. As one of the top female DJ in America. DJ Duffey salary  is more than she used to get. DJ Duffey Net Worth currently is a round $ 1.1 million. Surely, she could get more than that.

Don’t you know? Dj Duffey ever become a DJ for Amber Rose’s Slut Work in 2015. Both of them even become  a good friend.  hosted the Amber Rose’s Slutwalk.  DJ Duffey must be pleased that her effort was replied greatly.

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