Doug Stanhope Net Worth and Income
Doug Stanhope Net Worth and Income

Doug Stanhope Net Worth and Income After His Success

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Doug Stanhope Net Worth and Income
Doug Stanhope Net Worth: $ 1.5 million

All of us have heard of successful high school drop outs, although that does not necessarily mean dropping out from school is the best choice in your life. However, most of successful people who drop out from school become ultra-rich. Just take a look at Doug Stanhope. He did not make it through high school, but Doug Stanhope net worth has reached a fantastic number of $1.5 million. This amount of money might seem impossible to earn for someone who did not finish his education. However, Doug Stanhope has proven that he can do it.

Doug Stanhope did not last long in high school. In fact, he dropped out during his first year. After dropping out, he moved to Las Vegas and began giving standup comedy performances to make a living. Many people liked his performances, so he gained popularity and performed in various festivals.

This guy has also received some prestigious awards for his talent in comedy, including the SF International Comedy Competition which he won in the year of 1995 after five years of career in this field. Although he is favored by many, he has also faced some controversies. Some people consider his style too offensive. His tour around Ireland even got cancelled.

The Sources of Doug Stanhope Net Worth

Doug Stanhope’s main source of income is the performances he gives in public. He has also appeared in the famous TV show Just for Laughs, and we can be sure that he gets paid a lot for his appearances.

Other than live performances, Doug Stanhope also sells DVDs of his performance and he has also written a book. With all these sources of income, it is not surprising that Doug Stanhope net worth is quite high. However, he could be a better performer if he tones down his vulgarity.

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