How Much is Dr Miami Net Worth and Income

Many estimated that the total of dr Miami net worth is around $6 million dollars. You may not be very familiar with Michael Salzhauer, but you must have heard about Dr. Miami. Yes, the former is his real name. The infamous plastic surgeon had appeared on television on numerous occasions. With his constant active hours on Instagram and Twitter, it is an easy thing for Dr. Miami to appear on TV show.

dr miami net worth and income

dr miami net worth : $ 6 million

The American born surgeon had attended a public high school during his early days. It seems that he is interested in swimming, so he enrolled there in order to compete on it. As a Jewish descends, many would make fun of his features.

It is kind of hard to say that his previous bad experience had made him interested to pursue a degree in surgery. However, one thing for sure is that after he had done the training for plastic surgery and after he had gone through his residency period, he received a particular gift from others. That gift was in the form of rhinoplasty to his nose.

The Source of Dr Miami Net Worth

Well, the source of his wealth is not only from his occupation as plastic surgeon. But rather, there are other several occupations which equally contributed in his total net worth. Even if his social media activities definitely help him a lot in promoting his name as a plastic surgeon, so do the book that he wrote.

The book was originally about a girl’s perspective toward her mom’s plastic surgery. Many claim this book is controversial, but it is somewhat being seen as positive by some. One children psychologist even asserted that this book will help children to understand such surgeries which may or may not be done by their parents. Well, seeing the response of this book, we can assume that this is also the parts of Dr Miami net worth.


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