Duane Mayer Net Worth and Income
Duane Mayer Net Worth and Income

How Much is Duane Mayer Net Worth and Income

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Duane Mayer is popular as a car restoration enthusiast.  He has been restoring cars since he was 16. He gained wide fame from the Discovery show, American Hot Rod. This was the same program to the Late Boyd Coddington. Duane Mayer is Boyd’s good friend. However, Duane Mayer net worth is unclear.

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Duane Mayer Net Worth and Income
Duane Mayer Net Worth : Uncleared

Restoring a car has become his hobby and passion. When he was still 16, he successfully modified a Chevrolet Malibu 1967. Since then, his hobby became his passion and interest. He even went to many car exhibits and even on street drags. Duane learned a lot through the experiences. He spent his time in some exhibits as a participant  or only spectator.

Duane expanded his journey to California, where he met Boyd Coddington. Boy was a popular car builder in this state. In 1985, Duane Mayer  and Boyd Caddington worked together and started establishing hot rods along with him. Duane ever took a break. He worked with Chuck Lombardo. He built his own hot rod in Orange County.

After a decade passed, Both car enthusiasts met again and took roles in American reality TV entitled “American Hot Rod”. They gained popularity for their successful TV program. Some other notable works he did included CadZZila for ZZ Top, Alumatub, 63 Chevy Corvette Stingray, a 61 Impala Bubbletop, and 42 Woodie.

The source of Duane Mayer Net Worth

Duane Mayer showed us that to get some income was not only work in the office or company. But we can also got much from our passion. Thanks to his love of cars. He spent years to learn about restoring and modifying a car.  His passion had made him gained fame and wealth. Most of his income was from his activities as a car enthusiast. He also own a hot rod shop. And his appearance in a TV show, American Hot Rod alongside Boyd Coddington influence the increase of his worth, Duane Mayer net worth is unclear. But surely, he has collected million of dollars.

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