Duncan Bannatyne Net Worth and Income
Duncan Bannatyne Net Worth and Income

Duncan Bannatyne Net Worth and Income, Last Updated in 2018

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Duncan Bannatyne Net Worth and Income
Duncan Bannatyne Net Worth : $204 million

Duncan Bannatyne net worth was once of £430 million back then. Yet, his net worth today is totally different from what he has in the past. Before talking about the number, knowing him more will be best option to do. To give a sight about who he is, let’s first talk about Dragon’s Den. Do you know what it is? Yes, it is a reality show from BBC which starred several well-known names of entrepreneurs.

In addition to this program, it has 14 series plus 1 in total (which make it has 15 series) in which it has various episodes per series. Among the series, Bannatyne stars 12 series from the total. Each star in the program has invested lots of money. Talking about the program, it was started in 2005 and ended in 2017. It is very famous has been highly sold around the globe.

Speaking of which, Duncan Bannatyne is one of the stars. He is known as an entrepreneur and author. So far, he has seven books published under his name. Born as a Scottish in Clydebank, Scotland, he is still very healthy in his age now. In the past, he was married to two women in different times. From each marriage, he has 6 children, and 2 grandchildren. He is now married to Nigora Whitehorn.

The Update of Duncan Bannatyne Net Worth

His business career has been built from bottom. He has once mentioned that he was ever poor. He has run several business types. His wealth now comes from health clubs that he built passionately.  It makes him own The Bannatyne Group.

In addition, the other source of his wealth is from the books sales. Moreover, the last update of Duncan Bannatyne net worth is about £175 million. It is approximately equal to $204 million.


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