Ellen Pompeo Net Worth and Income
Ellen Pompeo Net Worth and Income

Ellen Pompeo Net Worth and Income, The Grey’s Anatomy Star

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Ellen Pompeo Net Worth and Income
Ellen Pompeo Net Worth: $40 million

Ellen Kathleen Pompeo is popular as an American actress, director, and producer. She is even on the list of the highest paid television actors. Don’t you know? She had signed a $20 million annual contract with the American Broadcasting Company in late 2017. Ellen Pompeo Net Worth 2018 is around $ 40 million.

Ellen Kathleen Pompeo was born on November 10, 1969 inĀ Everett, Massachusett. Before becoming an actress, she used to work as Barmaid in Miami. When she decided to move to New York City, Ellen Pompeo was discovered by a casting director. She then got an offer for an ads campaign, L’Oreal.

In earlier of her career, she made a debut in a TV show, Law and Order. Since then she got more roles as guest star for several TV shows. And thanks to ABC’s popular Grey’s Anatomy. Her name gained more popular after having role as Dr. Meredith Grey. As the result of her excellent performance, she even got a Golden Globe nomination and the Screen Actors Guild Award. From the same TV series, she receive many awards including Satellite Awards, People’s Choice Awards, Gold Derby Awards etc. Surprisingly, her name is also in the list of Directors and Producers for Grey’s Anatomy.

The Source of Ellen Pompeo Net Worth and Income

Ellen Pompeo has spent most of her time in entertainment industry as an actress. The biggest income is surely from the Grey’s Anatomy. As you know, the show has run for 14 seasons. Ellen also got income from some roles in movies. However, she was not too active in Movies. You might ever notice her in 2002 movie, “Catch Me if You Can”. He gotĀ  a role as supporting actress. There she played alongside Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Till now, Ellen Pompeo net worth has reached more or less $40 million. Surely, the income would increase more in upcoming years as long as she kept on the track.



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