Emeril Lagasse Net Worth and income
Emeril Lagasse Net Worth and income

How Much is Chef Emeril Lagasse Net Worth and Income 2018?

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Emeril Lagasse Net Worth and income
Emeril Lagasse Net Worth: $ 70 million

Emeril Lagasse is a popular chef in America. Well, people also know him as an entrepreneur, television personality and more. Seeing the total of Emeril Lagasse Net Worth which reach approximately to 70 million dollars, guess it is not odd thing for him to have those various roles in his career.

Indeed, by looking at the brief discography of Emeril Lagasse, it seems like the popular chef might have some interest in culinary world since years ago. It was started from his graduation from high school where a full funded scholarship was offered to him. Instead of accepting the scholarship well, he decided to just pursue a career in culinary industry instead.

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There is nothing wrong with the scholarship, really, but for your information, the scholarship came from the New England Conservatory of Music. After rejecting the offer, Emeril started his training as a professional chef at The University of Johnson and Wales. For him to pay the tuition per semester, taking part-time job was the only option. So, he worked at the local restaurant near the area that time. Done with training, he went to France to widen his knowledge and upgrade his skill. Eventually, when he came back to US, he started to work at couples of restaurants around Northeast.

The Source of Emeril Lagasse Net Worth

His activities during his career, without a doubt, become the source of his net worth. His profession as professional chef takes a big role in this case. Also, aside from being a regular professional chef who only wanders around the kitchen, at some point he transforms into an extraordinary chef.

An extraordinary chef here means he also did other activities outside the kitchen. Becoming a television personality is the example. Not only that, as an entrepreneur who has the chance to manage his own business, the restaurant that the founded also contributes in Emeril Lagasse Net Worth.


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