Erika Girardi Net Worth and income
Erika Girardi Net Worth and income

Erika Girardi Net Worth, an Inspiration to Pursue Your Dreams

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Erika Girardi Net Worth and income
Erika Girardi Net Worth : $ 5 million

If you have watched at least one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills series, you must recognize her. Erika Girardi is one of the main focuses in that TV shows. However, she has gone a long way before starring in Real Housewives. Although Erika Girardi net worth currently reaches five million Dollars, her pathway to success was not completely smooth. She has gone through so many ups and downs and made huge efforts in order to become a successful woman she is now.

Erika Girardi does not have a very wonderful childhood. Her mother, Renee Chahoy, gave birth to Erika at the very young age of eighteen years old and nothing is known about Erika’s father. Her grandparents also took part in raising her.

Erika Girardi had a dream to become a famous actress and singer since a young age, so she left her hometown and moved to New York City at eighteen years old in order to pursue her dreams. Like most successful actresses and singers, she started out small. Her first movies and music releases were not major ones, but they were enough to make people recognize her talents and become her fans. After releasing Rollercoaster, her first single, she skyrocketed into popularity. Soon after, she successfully made her first album and record label.

Sources of Erika Girardi Net Worth

The success of her singles, albums, and record label definitely contributes to her net worth of $5 million. Apart from that, she is obviously paid a high sum of money to act in Real Housewives. Other than Real Housewives, Erika has also starred in several other TV series such as Tanked and Sharknado: The 4th Awakens.

Erika Girardi net worth is the proof that we can do anything if we put enough efforts. Despite having a troubled past, she successfully got over it and maintains a delightful life until now.

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