Faze Rug Net Worth and income
Faze Rug Net Worth and income

FaZe Rug Net Worth and the Bittersweet Truth Behind It

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Faze Rug Net Worth and income
Faze Rug Net Worth : $ 3 Million

Did you think that playing games and dedicating your life to them is just a waste of money? Well, think again because this guy, FaZe Rug has proven that playing games can be a good source of income if it is done correctly. FaZe Rug net worth is estimated to reach three million US Dollars. This amount mainly comes from playing Call of Duty and posting videos of his gameplays on YouTube.

Apart from that, he also creates ridiculous, interesting prank videos which attract more viewers to his channel. He does not act by himself; he has a team called FaZe clan, and sometimes he includes his family in the videos. His brother, Brandon Awadis, is also a successful YouTuber.

Being born in California, FaZe Rug’s early life did not go very well. Actually, he started playing video games because he failed in joining his school’s basketball team. Games started to take over his life. He even dropped out of school just to play games.

But this also marks the beginning of his successful career as a youtuber. Soon after focusing on games, the amount of his subscribers drastically increased and he started receiving income from creating YouTube Videos. In July 2017, the number of Rug’s subscribers reached a fantastic amount of one billion – that’s a lot.

Sources of FaZe Rug Net Worth

The main source of FaZe Rug’s income is from his YouTube contents. Every day, his videos are played around two million times which gets him more than 3.600 US Dollars. With this amount of income every day, FaZe Rug can earn around 1.3 million dollars a year. It’s not surprising that he’s able to purchase a 2016 Range Rover at such a young age.

Other than making YouTube videos, the apparel collection he created also makes FaZe Rug net worth increase significantly. He sells fashion items such as tees, bags, and hoodies in his online store.

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