Glenn Ford Net Worth and Income
Glenn Ford Net Worth and Income

Blackboard Jungle, Glenn Ford Net Worth and His Impressive Legacy

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Glenn Ford Net Worth and Income
Glenn Ford Net Worth: $ 12 million

Gwyllyn Samuel Newton Ford, or rather known as Glenn Ford, is a Canadian-born actor which was famous during the Hollywood golden era back in 1950s and 1960s. His brilliant career life leads to impressive richness and luxury. Glenn Ford net worth is reported to reach $12 million recently and the huge number doesn’t stop from growing.

Ford was born on May 1, 1916 in Quebec. His mother is Hannah Wood and his father is Newton Ford. Through his father bloodline, Glenn is actually a great-nephew of Sir John A. McDonald, the Canada’s first prime minister. He is also related to U.S president, Martin Van Buren.

After graduated from Santa Monica High School, he joined a small theatre group. Newton did not really support his acting life. However, Newton still let Henry pursuing his acting dream. He gave advice to young Glenn that he must learn everything else before the acting lesson. Glenn really followed this advice for life. During 1950s when he was a famous actor, he still worked on plumbing, wiring, or repairing any house parts.

Career Life and Glenn Ford Net Worth

For more than 14 years, Ford was an underappreciated actor at the Columbia Pictures studio. He was only given small role and frequently put on low rating movie. His career life altered impressively after he ran into MGM pictures. The biggest role was in “Blackboard Jungle” which led him to reach the golden age at 1950s. He won the first place as U.S. box office star in 1958. Other successful films such as Trial”, “Jubal”, also added his value and class.

After retirement, he spent life mostly on his 8,800 square foot Beverly Hills mansion with his son, actor Peter Ford. The impressive Glenn Ford net worth is no other than a fruitful result from his brilliant career.

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