Gloria Steinem Net Worth and income
Gloria Steinem Net Worth and income

How Much is Gloria Steinem Net Worth and Income ?

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Gloria Steinem Net Worth and income
Gloria Steinem Net Worth: $ 3 million

Gloria Marie Steinem is popularly known as a journalist, writer, and activist.  She is one of founders of the Ms. Magazine.  Besides, Steinem was a columnist for New York magazine. Gloria Steinem net worth reached $ 3 millions. Her name became so popular after she released her article, “After Black Power, Women’s Liberation”. This put her name as a feminist leader.

Gloria Steinem was born in Ohio, United States of America 80 years ago.  Even though he was not young anymore, many people feel impressed with her. Many women are inspired by her. Due to her strong effort in defending the women’s right she was inducted in National Women’s Hall of Fame

Talking about her early life, Gloria actually got hard days. Her parents decided to divorce. And her mother was not in  good condition to get jobs. This was one the reason why she became feminist. She wanted to change her life. As in fact, she currently became a popular woman. 

When she graduated from Smith College and spend two years in India, she return to United States.  She then work in Warren Publishing. She  also had a chance to help develop the “Help!” magazine.

As a feminist, she defends the women’s rights. She also support the equality of genders. Don’t you know? Gloria had ever published a paper about Playboy Club and how they treat the Bunnies. This made Gloria had difficult time. The men behind Playboy had a very influence on many things at the time.  

The source of Gloria Steinem Net Worth

She worked as journalist and columnist when she was young. Most of her income was from the Ms. Magazine. This magazine was established to show her concerned about women issues. Because of that The magazine received a very good response. Instead, It provide huge amount of income each year. Gloria also owns a classic apartment in the New York which he bought for $ 1 million. The total of Gloria Steinem Net Worth is around $ 3 million

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