Gobie Water Bottle Net Worth and Its Founder

How Much is Gobie Water Bottle Net Worth and Its Founder

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Gobie Water Bottle Net Worth and Its Founder

You must have heard about the famous Gobie Water Bottle, right? Due its fame, many people are wondering about Gobie Water Bottle net worth. The bottle was originally invented by a renowned industrial designer in San Diego area, Rusty Allen. Years ago, Rusty Allen studied in Savannah College of Art and Design and graduated with honors.

From the moment, he stepped out of the university in 2004 until present. He already gained so much experience as an industrial designer. Maybe at one time, he found that he has another passion. He was also an entrepreneur at times. One of his experiences in the related field is by joining the Shark Tank TV Program in 2013. His Gobie Water Bottle got its fame.

Rusty Allen is best known for this product. it is not bad thing. Since he invented the Gobie Water Bottle, the product is considered to be the first and the most practical water bottle ever.

Gobie Water Bottle Net Worth
Gobie Water Bottle Net Worth

The Sources of Gobie Water Bottle Net Worth

His concern about plastic bottles is his reason why he invents the product. Plastic, as you know, is a non-recycle material. Besides bring damage to the environment, it also wastes people’s money. To overcome this issue, Rusty Allen came up with the idea of filtered water bottle. Complimented with a filter system, he provides customers a well-packed product of water bottle which offers the best for customers’ convenience.

Moreover, Gobie Water Bottle net worth comes from its sales, of course. As reported by the media, at its first launch, the amount of money from the sales reach 300 thousand of dollars. In a more precise number, it was $285.000. By combining the sales of Gobie Water Bottle and incomes from his other projects in consideration, Rusty Allen with his total of $151 million, gains the title of one of the most loaded men.

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