Graham Nash net worth and Income
Graham Nash net worth and Income

How Much is Graham Nash Net Worth and Income?

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Graham Nash net worth and Income
Graham Nash net worth : $ 20 million

Graham Nash is popular as a British-American singer. He used to be the member of The Hollies before he decided to move and made a new one, Crosby, Stills & Nash. His name has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. along his career as singer and song writer, Graham Nash net worth reached $20 millions.

Born in, 1942, Nash has 2 nationality; those are British and United States. his light tenor voice is one of the unique part within him. Many people loved it.  Due to that uniqueness and his talent in music, he then became a  superstar. And don’t you know? Nash was also appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 2010. It’s due to his services in music and charity.

Graham Nash almost spend his career through music. But it doesn’t mean that he only loves music. Graham also ahs a hobby. He loves collecting photography. He is a professional photographer. He already got thousands of collections. In 1990, he sell 2000 prints collection through an auction. This broke the record for for the highest grossing sale of a single private collection of photography.

The Sources of Graham Nash Net Worth

Nash is really talented man. Of course most of Graham Nash Income was from his career as a singer. His talent as song writer is another positive part to build up his income. He also got beautiful voice. In fact, he is quite popular. His fans are loyal to him. And whenever he held a concert, the ticket are mostly sold-out. Graham Nash Net worth is around 20 Million. He is no longer young. Nash is 76 years old now. Till now, he is still active as a singer

Besides, Nash also manages a company named Nash edition Ltd. Nash funded this company with Mac Holbert as the manager. This is a digital-based printing company. It used IRIS Graphics 3047 printer at the beginning. But for now they use Epson-based large format printers. Because Nash decided to donate the original IRIS Graphics 3047 printer and Nash Editions ephemera to the National Museum of American History.


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